Thursday, December 30, 2010

Increase / Decrease margins in PDF

Increasing or decreasing margins in PDF is what most of us need to do, specially when printing journals/letters etc on A4 sheets, or vice-versa . I tried few softwares myself, they are as follows :-

Free/Open Source :-

Pdfcrop is good for small files and works well. It takes long long time as well as CPU for large files and hence is almost useless for them. But i must complement the authors work and his will to release it for free. You can use it if you have upto 50-100 pages PDF.

Paid/Shareware :-

Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional  :- This is great software with inbuilt capability of croping pages, remove white margins (although some times with variable size pages get screwed up, but its good).

See for cropping help, also try the remove margins, its just below the step to specify margins manually .

Unfortunately i couldn't find a way to increase margins in it, please comment if you know how.

Pdf annotator :- This is great software, and is good in trial version, specially if you want to edit just one or two documents :). Increasing margins also supported. Cropping is though is a bit clumsy but does job for most of the pdf's

Lastly :- If printing a book or something similar, don't forget to choose even/odd page option, according to binding and other details, else you ll end up messing the printed documents :P


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