Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reliance , dont go by name, its worst telecom operator

Hi all,

After a long time i am writing :).

I recently used relaince GSM, and i am here to give its reviews. Unfortunatly after just few days i am jus fed up it. I have already changed my operator to airtel the best ever.

Here are the points that go against relaince :-
  1. They activate any scheme every other day, i dont knw why and with who's permission. Some time the cricket scores are activated, other time ring tones, and other time some sms scheme.  TELL THEM MY BALANCE IS FOR CALLING NOT THESE SCHEMES
  2. You can't call their customer care, its always buys
  3. Can't make a single call without calling around 5-8 times. 
In nutshell its just shit. Switch your operator NOW. 


Thanx for reading:)

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