Monday, November 22, 2010

High CPU usage, it may be Overheating

Recently i observed a very peculiar thing , my CPU usage became exceptionally high for almost all applications. I had installed Office 2010 Pro, and suspected it to be a culprit. I used to download at more than 5MBps from local lan (DC++) so i reinstalled its latest version, i used defragmenter, Disk check and what not.

Eventually almost everything stopped working and my laptop made strange noise (on running any audio for long). I opened my laptop and unfortunatly it was  very hot .. alas the cooling fan had stopped  :( .

After enough cooling i started my laptop and it worked seamlessly. I now use a cooling pad (till i get a replacement for cooling fan).

So i suggest all of you too look for any signs of overheating (usually only when cpu fan is not working) if CPU usage is very high and get a replacement for it as soon as possible,till then use the laptop in low frequency mode and don't run CPU intensive tasks (It needs more cpu cycles hence more heat generated).

Overheating might damage your CPU beyond repairs, so be careful.