Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Lenovo failed / will fail in India


This is more of personal blog post rather than technical one. when i purchased my Lenovo Ideapad Y series laptop spending about 52K Rs, i was king of the world, it had a awesome sound and great graphics capability. Performance was also awesome. But as the destiny does, it screen became loose from hinges within 3 months, i had to under go a lengthy repair process spending 8K Rs, to get it set. I dont know why it shoudnt be covered in warranty. And secondly their after sales service is so poor that one should think twice before going for lenovo.  Dont just trust the IBM behind it, Lenovo really sucks in India. Then after a week or so i forgot my BIOS password (my mistake, i know it must not be covered under warranty), but still i sheled another 7.5K bucks.. it sucked a alot. Authorised Service center took around 15 days and declined to give proper bills, on much insistence they gave me a now approved bill on their shop stamp head (Not lenovo). I mailed to them but alas no response from them .. i think they want their customer to suffer.

Then as the destiny goes by my screen again became loose after around 1.5 yrs, i went to service center but i was not willing to shell another 7K on the piece of trash. I purchased an external monitor instead.

Just another year passed and the laptop fan stopped working, i got it replaced, but the overheating knocked down my GPU (It was Nvidia Geforce 8 series). I than made up my mind to never go for lenovo again.

Lenovo does makes laptops which perform awesome as far as computing is concerned, but their after sales serivce is poor, and the laptops need to handled like a child, a little strain will leave it of no use..
Think twice before going for lenovo.  :)

Happy shopping.