Thursday, December 30, 2010

Increase / Decrease margins in PDF

Increasing or decreasing margins in PDF is what most of us need to do, specially when printing journals/letters etc on A4 sheets, or vice-versa . I tried few softwares myself, they are as follows :-

Free/Open Source :-

Pdfcrop is good for small files and works well. It takes long long time as well as CPU for large files and hence is almost useless for them. But i must complement the authors work and his will to release it for free. You can use it if you have upto 50-100 pages PDF.

Paid/Shareware :-

Adobe Acrobat Reader Professional  :- This is great software with inbuilt capability of croping pages, remove white margins (although some times with variable size pages get screwed up, but its good).

See for cropping help, also try the remove margins, its just below the step to specify margins manually .

Unfortunately i couldn't find a way to increase margins in it, please comment if you know how.

Pdf annotator :- This is great software, and is good in trial version, specially if you want to edit just one or two documents :). Increasing margins also supported. Cropping is though is a bit clumsy but does job for most of the pdf's

Lastly :- If printing a book or something similar, don't forget to choose even/odd page option, according to binding and other details, else you ll end up messing the printed documents :P

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mounting Remote folder over ssh as drive in windows

Most of the times we want to mount remote folder as a drive in windows. Although windows provide a good mount feature, its some not possible to do so due to firewall restrictions. Also mounting drives from different OS such as Ubuntu/Fedora in windows is not inbuilt.. Here NetDrive comes in help, its free for non-commercial use. It can mount drive over FTP/SFTP and is great to use. Although FTP is a much faster than SFTP (FTP over SSH), but is unsecure. Just install a FTP or SSH server, configure default  foder, and use netdrive to do the rest :).

Pdf printer for windows

Hi all, recently i was stuck with pdf printers, i looked on the net but none seem to be sufficient for all my needs.

I suggest two of free pdf writers for use , doPDf  and CutePdf writer.

doPdf is good for small files especially office or html files, but performs too slow with larger files. PDF files are some what more clumsy. (If u use lpr for printing, you know sometimes you need pre-formatted documents to avoid problems later). Size is comparatively smaller than those made by other pdf writers.
Its awesome, especially for resumes. Embedding fonts option add a little extra size and some minimal quality to produced pdf (I dint find any :P).

CutePDF is faster and good for large files. The output size is slightly larger than those produced by doPDf, but the speed is a factor when printing large files. Not good for small ones.

So i suggest you to use doPdf for small files (1-50 pages) and CutePdf (50+). Also doPdf starts consuming lot of memory and CPU for large files , so it wont be practical to use. Both are small in size and can be installed side by side.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adobe reader / Flash Player without DLM

Adobe !!! I dont want DLM but i am stuck with it .. it is forefully installed on all windows system now for reader download.. But who wants unwanted software on his comp ??

Solutions :-

1) Use thier FTP site for most of the products. This is explained in

Their FTP site is

2) Solution one is awesome but i was stuck, my institute dont allow ftp access, but here good news, windows is not the only OS(although one of the best for PC, i know many would disagree). The adobe states that DLM is installed on all supported systems ( ). But good news is most linux distros are not supported for now, i tried on ubuntu and fedora. Just choose different OS option and download :) enjoy. You can also save the link for future reference :)

Adobe reader X for windows is available at :-

And the directory listing is forbidden :(

ardownload was initially just download.. but adobe keep changing it :( Just for forcing adobe DLM ... I thought only apple would do so .. :D

Flash player is at :-