Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Internet Explroer Full Download (Microsift Link)

Hi all,

A post from me from a really long time. IE 9 is out, but somehow their is a problem that many of us face !! Download IE 9 behind proxy servers (Specially at educational institutions).


(Search IE-9 Download). Don't select the windows version here and just click on download. It will redirect to another page


were all the complete versions of IE9 are hosted. You can download what you wish too :) . No more download managers .. I seriously hate them specially when they don't work behind proxy !!

Precautions:- Yes I am saying precautions. The installer asks for a complete list of programs to be closed, presumably all those uses flash player (IE version or IE renderer in some way or other like avast, bit torrent, thunder bird, outlook etc). It was a very long list, IE provided me with option to close all those (off course i wont close my AV software just like that), with other option being "
A restart may be required". I choose the second one, too my horror after it finsihed installing it just closed all the programs and proceeded with restart without asking me to save my work. (In fact some portion of this post and a doc file). 

May be its coz IE is still in RC version (the date is shown as 14th march, 9 pm P.T , it will be here soon, hope this is fixed by then). 


Thanx for reading:)

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