Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adobe reader / Flash Player without DLM

Adobe !!! I dont want DLM but i am stuck with it .. it is forefully installed on all windows system now for reader download.. But who wants unwanted software on his comp ??

Solutions :-

1) Use thier FTP site for most of the products. This is explained in

Their FTP site is

2) Solution one is awesome but i was stuck, my institute dont allow ftp access, but here good news, windows is not the only OS(although one of the best for PC, i know many would disagree). The adobe states that DLM is installed on all supported systems ( ). But good news is most linux distros are not supported for now, i tried on ubuntu and fedora. Just choose different OS option and download :) enjoy. You can also save the link for future reference :)

Adobe reader X for windows is available at :-

And the directory listing is forbidden :(

ardownload was initially just download.. but adobe keep changing it :( Just for forcing adobe DLM ... I thought only apple would do so .. :D

Flash player is at :-


  1. Missed to mention user agent switcher for firefox will also work fine. Atleast the dumb DLM will not waste bandwidth.


    Is the latest Flash Player Download Link.

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