Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pdf printer for windows

Hi all, recently i was stuck with pdf printers, i looked on the net but none seem to be sufficient for all my needs.

I suggest two of free pdf writers for use , doPDf  and CutePdf writer.

doPdf is good for small files especially office or html files, but performs too slow with larger files. PDF files are some what more clumsy. (If u use lpr for printing, you know sometimes you need pre-formatted documents to avoid problems later). Size is comparatively smaller than those made by other pdf writers.
Its awesome, especially for resumes. Embedding fonts option add a little extra size and some minimal quality to produced pdf (I dint find any :P).

CutePDF is faster and good for large files. The output size is slightly larger than those produced by doPDf, but the speed is a factor when printing large files. Not good for small ones.

So i suggest you to use doPdf for small files (1-50 pages) and CutePdf (50+). Also doPdf starts consuming lot of memory and CPU for large files , so it wont be practical to use. Both are small in size and can be installed side by side.


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