Saturday, January 8, 2011

How Dell captured Indian laptop market

Dell, the word is familiar with almost most of us, I myself feel their are varied reasons why they were able to capture Indian market (I don't have a Dell though :D), they are enumerated as follows :-

1) Cheap Laptops, although most of the laptops are inheritor flawed and under perform when compared to their configurations (As far as i have seen, most of my friends have dell), they are much cheaper than their counterparts. This is not a capturing feature in higher end laptops were people tend to go towards Lenovo/Hp/Apple etc.

2) Good after sale support :- I must agree that their after sales support is awesome, with atleast one service center in a major city, they give a quality support. But they mostly end up replacing a major part (motherboard/keyboard etc) in every service (They do become unusable pretty soon).
But anyway the word of mouth and previous image of Accidental protection (which  now needs to be purchased separately) continues and bring in new customers.

3) Good and Upto Date Website :- Dell has a awesome website which is up to date most of the time. I have seen Lenovo/HP/Sony website but don't feel the same with them. The models are either too new or old  (removed from market/not available even in showrooms). Hp leads the way in being the most outdated website, with price tags missing for most of the products if not all.

4) Customizable Laptops :- Too much extent laptops from dell can be configured, either online or at showrooms, this is missing in Lenovo/Hp/Sony. This is the feature that most students go for, and most experts need. I don't know why its not available in India when it is  there in USA etc.

5) Range of laptops:- Dell laptops suite most of the needs of people, when including the 4th point, its becomes more than sufficient. Their range of choices is much larger than their counterparts.

I think if Hp/Lenovo/Sony improve on last 3 points at-least, their market share will zoom a lot :)