Thursday, March 1, 2012

0XD000005E Error when trying to Sign into Microsoft Account in Windows 8

Hi all,

Windows 8 consumer preview is out and can be downloaded form internet. Unfortunately some of the functionality breaks behind proxy servers (which hopefully will become thing of past). I got error code 0XD000005E when trying to connect my Microsoft Account with Windows 8. The problem is actually with the proxy settings (not all locations use IE settings by default :() Setting the same from command prompt (Running as ADMIN), using netsh command will do the trick.

CMD.exe (as admin)

netsh winhttp>import proxy source=ie

The last step will import proxy settings from ie and use them for  all applications running system wide. Same also holds true for earlier versions of windows, but as they were not that connected to the cloud, it just seemed to work.

Setting the proxy settings this way will ensure you can always access the online account(windows store, calender, mail etc).

Thanx for reading:)

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  1. To add to this:
    - To start a CMD prompt as Administrator, use Explorer to browse to C:\Windows\System32, right click on CMD.exe and "Run as Administrator"
    - This procedure didn't work for me with proxy auto-config script (.pac file). I was able to get around it by specifying the proxy server by IP and port in IE's settings, then re-running the commands on this page.

  2. Yeah The above script was importing proxy settings from ie, ofcourse u can set it manually. using set proxy command. Also coupled with that I am facing some issues with proxy that require user authentication (windows store doesn't work in-spite of asking me authentication details. )

  3. Also i am unsure why the error code is similar to Access Denied (code 0x5). I couldn't find reference to the same in Microsoft Dev center, can someone point me ?

  4. Cannot log in with this method. Proxy requires authentication. Any way to provide it with the server address and port

  5. @Akash, My institute also use proxy with authentication. I just setup Squid in-front of it. See Squid guide in the blog at

    With authentication i was able to at-least lo-gin into account but not use Store. :( It does ask for proxy authentication.

  6. I tried out the netsh thing, but my store still wouldn,t open. It still says that "you're not connected to the internet."
    My institute also uses proxy with authentication.
    The only app that works well for me is Maps, the rest don't work at all.

  7. @tmg1991, The not connected error should only come when you are actually not connected. Anyways Try using CCProxy or Squid behind your institute proxy, i.e try a proxy which don't need authentication. Also Login from Live ID. Do tell the things you have done so that I can guide you.

  8. Perfect. Worked like a charm...

    Just had to modify my network settings to point at a proxy server that should be set to automatic.
    Oh well, works flawlessly now...


  9. @GUNJAN BANSAL ,,My store app is working fine except installing/downloading new apps.My computer runs behind a squid proxy .Can you guide me step by step ??

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