Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avast 7 Update problems

Hi all,

This post is about update problems with avast 7. I have been using avast from past 8 yrs and believe me I have been fully satisfied with it. Not a single instance of malware infecting my computer in-spite of numerous tests that i do daily (now a days i have shifted testing to vmware mostly).
Anyways recently Avast was auto updated to 7, and I started recieving update errors, they just failed without providing me with enough information. I thought it might be because of proxy support, but it worked on a different PC perfectly. I wanted to repair it but got error

"Error accessing data files in ***** (Avast folder name)"
(Likely that files are locked to prevent infection by malware)
And on running the full setup apart from above error i got error "(Setup failed error ****)"

To solve the problem use avast uninstall utlity provided at

and reinstall avast to solve the problem. Although i am still facing issues with mail shield. Will report back if I get solution from avast team.

Thanx for reading:)

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    Provides solution for Mail shield Problems, at-least temporarily.

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