Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia Pc Suite not detecting bluetooth hardware (Motorola / Ralink drivers)

Hi all ,

Unfortunately this post don't give any solution. I am myself stuck with this problem .
That's what happens when many competing companies want their proprietary standard to rule to consumer market.

My brand new HP laptop works great. Graphics card is also great. The only source of problem in bluetooth device. Its from Motorola, with some Ralink company device driver.  The Bluetooth devic don't work with the windows driver and unfortunately the Nokia PC suite dont work with this driver. It fails to detect the installed bluetooth on my machine. (Bluetooth works with without pc suite, with any phone including nokia and between computers).

Its terible .. I know this is more to do with PC suite, but yeah i know the vendors are also at fault. They want their products to dominate without caring for the effects on consumers. Windows driver is just great (I actually use them for most of my devices and used those in my previous laptop). Motorola sucks and so does nokia in its PC Suites...
I need to make no guess why its loosing the smartphone market.. Hope the Microsoft-Nokia Deal bring some fortunes for the company.

A link to the discussion :-

Any one with the solution please provide me one .. I am waiting for it desperately .. i dont want to carry the data cable with me everywhere i go :(


  1. Hi, I have the same issue, shame on Nokia, Motorola and HP.

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